The dog days of summer ain't over yet—there's still plenty of time for wind-whipping afternoons gripping the edge of a speedboat, liquor-fueled weekends cruising to a secret sandbar party, or even a migratory sailing expedition into a different time zone. No matter what type of boating vessel or waterlogged adventure tickles your fancy, the summertime cocktail of choice arguably remains to be a revitalizing spritz.

So when the sun-drenching UV-index, salt spray off the boat and the rocking of waves, get to be a bit too much, avoid having to chuck overboard. Stabilize those sea legs and buoy up at the hydration station instead. Queasy motion sickness and upper lip sweat is suddenly cured on a heated summer’s day with The DRAMamine Spritz—

  • 1 oz Forthave Spirits bittersweet Aperitivo wine--infused with 13 botanicals including orange, chamomile and rose
  • .5 oz Tarantas' dry, organic sparkling white wine
  • Dash of Damiana--a light, herbaceous liqueur made from the dried leaves of the damiana shrub that grows in Baja California/Mexico
  • 1 oz DRAM Ginger Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water--an all-natural bubbly seltzer with a blend of adaptogenic herbs, stimulating ginger and Colorado-grown CBD
  • 3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Top with a cooling hit of eucalyptus extract, mint leaf and chunk of fresh papaya
  • Throw in an iced YETI tumbler and be on your way

Ahoy Matey