I worked in an advertising agency a few years back. Even though it was corporate and I was at a desk most of the day (horrors!) it was actually lots of fun. Especially when we were casting TV commercials and I got to meet some of my favorite soap opera actors! I have some great memories of those times and made some fantastic friends there. We worked hard and we played hard. Many of the top executives lived on three things. Coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. My cocktail The Executive combines all three ( no actual tobacco is used in this drink) I really wanted to create a drink with rum but I wanted it to be something out of the ordinary. I tasted Stolen "Coffee and Cigarettes" Spiced Rum and thought "This is it!" A rum that drinks like a whisky! How cool is that!? What would Don Draper think? He would love it! So The Executive was born! As I mentioned I use Stolen "Coffee and Cigarettes" Spiced Rum, It's aged in oak barrels, has some great herbs and spices and it's passed through the smoke of American Hardwood. Aperol,which adds a bitter orange and rhubarb component ,Bar Keep Apple Bitters and Fee Brothers Old Fashion Bitters to add a bit more fruit ,spice and everything nice! I then garnish my cocktail with a lemon twist.They all blend together perfectly. Many of my customers who are whisky drinkers love this drink!

So come on in to see me after a hard day at the office ( or wherever you work!) Sit back, relax and I'll make you an Executive! You'll be glad you did!