I’m toasting a tipsy turning puzzle called “The Drunken Dancing Fraulein” from an Australian artist who loves to put a new spin on things. I found a tasty tipple to pair it with which was too ironic to pass up. It appears our heroine had a tragic downfall in the second act. Mixologist “Max” from Los Angeles originally hails from Germany and hosts an incredibly stylish and innovative cocktail account known as “BarMaxLA”. For this creative number with a catchy name, “The Downfall of Fraulein Birnbaum”, he was inspired by a well known story from his homeland. It recounts the rise and fall of an infamous woman from a small German village whose last name was Birnbaum, which translates to “Pear Tree”. Naturally, the drink features the pear flavor prominently. It’s perfect for the fall season as well, and is so delicious it just might be your downfall as well. Cheers!


The Downfall of Fraulein Birnbaum by BarMaxLA

2 oz cognac

2 oz pear liqueur

1 oz apricot liqueur

½ oz fresh lemon

2 dashes orange bitters

Flaming absinthe mist (I opted for an absinthe rinse)

Shake ingredients together and strain into an absinthe rinsed glass (or flame the mist over the drink if you have no fear of burning down your house). Garnish with a brandied pear or German beer stein lemon peel.


To learn more about the delightfully dizzy Fraulein puzzle see:

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