The ancient pyramids of Egypt hold an air of mystery and wonder and remain a fascinating marvel of engineering. I’ve got a puzzling pyramid from Texas artist Perry McDaniel which holds a fascinating secret. Personally, I think this pyramid looks quite like a volcano. Since the goal here is to get inside this puzzle, I logically thought that going “Under the Volcano” would be in order.

There are a few Under the Volcano recipes floating about but this appears to be the original, from Kyle Davidson and sourced from the underground collection of rogue cocktails published in the pamphlet “Beta Cocktails”. Presumably the drink takes its name from the 1947 novel by Malcolm Lowry set in Quauhnahuac, Mexico on the Day of the Dead, 1938. It tells the tale of an alcoholic former British consul who experiences the most fateful day of his life. It’s full of lyrical metaphors on the human condition and struggles against the forces of destruction. Sounds like an amazing recipe for a cocktail. This one is a sophisticated margarita which replaces the orange liqueur with something quite a bit more complex, the combination of Italain Cynar amaro and French Chartreuse. The result is absolutely incredible, a medley of flavors to ponder and enjoy. Perhaps it even contains the secret of the pyramids, who knows. Cheers!


Under the Volcano by Kyle Davidson

2 oz Tesoro Añejo Tequila

3/4 oz Lime Juice

1/2 oz Cynar

1/4 oz Yellow Chartreuse

1/4 oz Agave Nectar

Shake together with ice and strain into a favorite glass. Garnish with something explosive.


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