Looking at Gin & Juice Long Beach coming up, got me thinking.
The best time to harvest Pineapple around here is in March or June, but it grows and is good all year. Lemon is also year around, and mint is an amazing garnish when the two juices dance with Gin, but Gin is key here.
Is that Gin & Juice? I say yes.

For this drink, I am utilizing a lovely London Dry style Gin; it is full flavored and clean with just the right amount of juniper forward character and called London No 1.

So I take Pineapple and Lemon Juice, and to lighten, freshen and bind everything together-I use some delicious tonic--Fever Tree Tonic.
I love fresh juice, but Pineapple is tough; the best I ever had is from Trader Joes.
That being said, here is how the recipe works:

1.75OZ Gin50ml>
1.75OZ Pineapple Juice50ml>
1OZ Lemon Juice30ml>
3OZ Tonic Water90ml>

So pour the gin, Pineapple juice, lemon juice (and skin-if possible) into a shaker filled with ice, shake and strain into a chilled 'Collins' glass and top up with Tonic--garnish with a 'spanked' mint leaf.

photo by Nicolle Stone IG @nicollenelespacio
This is, in your mouth, remembering the best of Spring and anticipating the best of Summer. I call it the G&T Lie~we love it.

Hopefully, I will see you at Gin & Juice Long Beach... Let's DO THIS!

Thank you Nicolle Stone IG @nicollenelespacio for taking the picture.

Thank you London No1 for the Gin.