I think at this point all of us are dreaming of Spring! Warmer weather, flowers and of course cocktails! I created the Juniper Bee and added it to my cocktail menu in the hopes of an early Spring. Well it didn't arrive but drinking a few of these will certainly help you forget the cold! I use Barr Hill Gin from Caledonia Spirits in Vermont. What I love about Barr Hill is that raw honey is added just before bottling so it gives the gin a unique quality and flavor. I also add 18.21 Earl Grey Bitters. It's very aromatic and bergamot forward. Delicious. The addition of some Japanese Matcha Sea Salt, Simple Syrup and Fresh lemon round out and compliment the cocktail nicely. A twist of lemon and a little candied bee for garnish says lookout Winter,The Juniper Bee is buzzing right on in ! Here's to Spring!