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That’s what happens when World Class Bartenders meet with the Ketel One Vodka FAMILY in a Photo Shoot Session in Amsterdam..pure MAGIC!But the FAMILY doesn’t stop there. Enjoy this video where Bob Nolet goes on a bar tour of Amsterdam with his..”Extended Family”

Here I am with my brand new Cocktail called
“The (KETEL ONE) Dutch Moustache Companion”
-25 ml lemongrass infused Dry Vermouth
-10 ml Benedictine
-5 to 10 ml Grand Marnier (suiting your Country taste)
-3 Dashes Orange bitter
-Flamed Rosemary on the rim of the glass for another level of experience
Throwing technique
Vintage Coupette
Suggested Pairing:
Granny Smith Apple ball rolled with a smoked salmon slice and cracked black pepper.
Key points of the drink are:
– it is easy and fast to prepare,
– using an elegant performance that will get people’s attention and curiosity
– can be drunk at any time of the day
– it is an old style drink with a (contemporary) Vodka soul
– it includes ingredients easy to find in any bar
– it integrates perfectly with nearly any Bar Menu’s style

Max La Rocca

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