Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to change those drinking habits, no more mimos and sangria, it’s time for some fall cocktails. What better way to sooth the sorrows of a summer gone and winter around the corner other than the warm goodness of a fall cocktail. So to make sure your cruise into fall goes off without a hitch we concocted up this tasty little cocktail, the Kickin Pumpkin.

About the Kickin Pumpkin Cocktail

A mix of Pumpkin beer along with bourbon give this cocktail the pumkin flavor to remind you of fall and the kick of bourbon to keep you warm on those brisk fall days.


How to make the Kickin Pumpkin

  1. In cocktail shaker, combine bourbon and apple cider
  2. (optional) wet rim of glass and rim with cinnamon sugar
  3. Add ice to glass and pour in cocktail shaker contents
  4. Pour the beer in, save the rest or sip after your cocktail