The Martingale cocktail brings a fresh flavor to modern cocktails. The Blended scotch balances wonderfully with, the cassis and Cynar, the lime provides nice sharp citrus layers and the oils provide interesting aromatics, the fresh grated nutmeg add a nice nutty flavor and enhances the peaty flavor. This cocktail really showcases how a good cassis can have a place in modern day cocktails. May you imbibe well


Tasting Notes; (Nice balance of sweetness, slightly peaty, and underlying notes of black current and a slight bitterness from the amaro, nice citrus layers and citrus aromatics with slight nuttiness up front)


1.5oz Famous Grouse Black Blended Scotch

3/4oz Mickael Antolin's Premium Cassis

1/2oz Cynar artichoke amaro

3/4oz Fresh lime juice

Lemon oils

Grated nutmeg

Prep: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail glass

add ice and shake well. Double strain up into a large coupe with a chunk of hand-cut ice add lemon oils, lemon twist and nutmeg. Drink, sip and enjoy!

Original cocktail created, photo'd and designed by Jason Walsh mixologist of Nyc