By: Gene Fisch, Jr.

Sleepless nights as Calculus approaches are no more as we enter adulthood (21+) and we can look forward to the “Follow the Vine” Summer Experiential Tour.

Each sip is explained in detail by the Santa Margherita vineyards as they transport us through taste and knowledge to the various regions and vineyards where their wine is created.

Consumers will have the opportunity to actually journey through a maze of vines to better understand where Santa Margherita’s wines come from and how they’re produced all leading to a dome where they can learn more about the brand’s history and enjoy signature cocktails and food/wine pairings.

To promote the brand’s famous Pinot Grigio, Sparkling Rosé, Prosecco Superiore and Chianti Classico Riserva, Santa Margherita will bring this one of a kind vineyard experience to consumers in select markets across the nation. The tour will demonstrate their meticulous wine production process, sustainable practices and quality of their wines, all while bringing Italy’s finest vineyard views to the U.S.

The event space within each market will feature a maze of vines that consumers will be able to engage with to better understand where the wines come from and how they are produced. At the center of the maze will be a branded dome where consumers can become further immersed in the brand’s rich history, stories of the family, tastes and aromas of each varietal, and Italian culture.


“The summer months are the perfect time for consumers to tour our wineries and vineyards across Italy, learning more about the meaning and history in every glass,” said Vickie Perez, Director of Marketing for Santa Margherita USA. “We want to ignite all five senses that our vineyards in Italy boast with our consumers here in the U.S., while sharing the rich stories of the family and history of our four generations.”

Beyond Santa Margherita’s signature wines carrying the same name, Santa Margherita will also be featuring the rest of their deeply rooted Italian wine portfolio such as Ca’ del Bosco, Sassoregale, Torresella, Lamole Di Lamole, and Kettmeir in a day exclusively tailored to select members of the trade and press.

"Having the opportunity to learn about something that we deeply enjoy transcends us into a different world as if we, ourselves, are at the vineyard." relays NYC wine guy, Gene Fisch, Jr. . "The experience becomes richer and we garner a new appreciation for something that we love."

As part of the sampling, each brand will feature custom-made unique and abstract sculptures to coincide with each of the brands and their heritage.

“While walking through our vineyard tasting our wines, we want guests feel as though they are part of our story, our Italian culture and better understand the quality in every glass,” added Jane Scott, VP of Marketing at Santa Margherita USA. “We’re excited to transport consumers to our vineyards in Italy, while they get to experience the provenance, character and craftsmanship of our brand and corresponding varietals.”


The brand will kick off its first experiential pop-up on July 18th, 2019 in San Jose following with Tulsa (July 28th), Ithaca (August 25th), Madison (September 8th), New Orleans (September 15th), Tampa (September 22nd), New York City (October 14th), and Miami (December 3rd– December 8th).

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