By: Gene Fisch, Jr.

I walk in excitement to one of my favorite Italian spots thinking of the yummy wines about to come my way. Upon arrival my friends are already at the table, olives / cheese in place with a bottle already corked and on ice. Upon seating at the table, not ten seconds pass by before the waiter pours the remaining contents of bottle number one into a nearby glass. My friends smile and await my reaction. A little context here, I'm not traditionally a fan of white but the crisp, clear glass of Pino Grigio awaits a post sip reaction. The taste lived up to the visual! A smile came across my face and a second sip quickly followed the first. A wonderful accessory to a fish entree, the Pino Grigio by Santa Margharita hit the preverbal spot! I have since ordered it on several occasions, particularly when the confused weather in NYC granted me a warm day where a white would be welcomed.


Excited by my newfound Pino discovery I investigated alternatives to the Santa Margharita bellwether and came upon a Chianti by the same brand. Tanic for a typical Chiante there are elements that could go well with a spicy bolognaise. I'm excited to go that route on my next opportunity. Oh... lest I forget they also have a Rose' on deck that is in my future as well!

For now, count me in as a new fan on the Santa Margharita Pino Grigio front; no doubt that a good many bottles will be entering my wine collection in the future!