Sparkling wine is great any time of year not just for celebrations.I love to drink it on it's own but I also love to get creative with it. It's a great base for so many cocktails. I created the Pama Rose for my cocktail list to have a light, refreshing drink for any occasion.I use Enza Sparkling Rose. It's got just a touch of Merlot added to the prosecco which gives it a nice strawberry zest, PAMA which is a delicious pomegranate liqueur which not only adds some zing to the flavor profile it also contributes a beautiful burst of color. It's sweet yet tart. Fee Brothers Rhubarb Cocktail bitters which adds a unique flavor profile , a sugar cube and last but not least a homemade candies lemon peel for garnish. So have a Pama Rose any day of the year and toast to yourself Cheers!!!