Hello Everyone!

Im back in the neighborhood with some news and of course interesting and delightful stuff to post :)

As many of you must already know, my fave cocktail is the famous and never old fashion "Cosmopolitan" .... In one of my many attempts of being creative when enjoying a drink... I came up with a lil' variation of the Cosmo but that definitely makes of this something different. It resulted to be that refreshing when I tasted it that I decided this could be on my contributions for Drinkwire's SummerDrink Roundup - and of course is not the last one.

The difference relies mainly in the juice that i used, instead of only plain cranberry juice, i tried with passion fruit & cranberry juice (both in one). Also, instead of using citron vodka, I opted for regular vodka, since passion fruit is already sour enough - at least in Peru/SouthAmerica - so It was smart to offset the sourness....
It's a cool option to enjoy in a patio or rooftop during summer. It is as much glamorous as refreshing.... If you are good at shaking cocktails you will feel it as a juice... that's precisely the point ;)

Usually drunk by female drinkers but let me tell you that I served one built in a highball glass to my dad and he loved it! A good drink never has a preset genre, but does personality. Always give it a chance to something different... I had fun trying a new version of my fave drink, and i must confess that i feel proud of have not used a jigger.... i did free pouring (without having speed pourers, btw) just by counting and controlling my wrists.... and it went P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

Here you have the ingredients and the preparation:
Drink: Passionate Cosmopolitan
Glass: Martini Glass
Preparation: Shaken

  • 1 1/4 oz vodka (I used Sky)
  • 1/2 oz Triple sec
  • Cranberry & Passion Fruit Juice (Brand: La Onda, if Ocean Spray does not have such a mix, you can get both juices by separate and try to pour them at the same time in the mix tin)
  • Lime Juice
  • Ice
  • Cherries

1. Chill Martini glass.
2. Fill the mix tin with ice (3 fingers)
3. Add the vodka and triple sec
4. Add the juice as much as you like, but i recommend no more than 2 oz, better try 1 1/2 oz.
5. Splash of Lime juice.
6. Shake shake shake!!!
7. Before serving, place the cherry at the bottom of the glass (no ice of course)
8. Strain the drink in the glass... and there you go enjoy!

A piece of advice: When preparing a cocktail don't go cheap with vodka! get a good one, the difference can be totally noticed! Indulge your palate and take care of your liver... no cheap vodka! :D

Soon Ill be posting about my experience in becoming a certified bartender.... the experience was so amazing and I have to say that there is lots more to learn and this is just the beginning....

A pic of the drink that cheered me up last Friday night that i had to work at home!!
My smile could not be described....

PS. Yep, I will improve the quality of my pics!