It's finally summer! Yeah!!!! Lazy days. Hot days. Fun days .I love to drink refreshing cocktails this time of year ( well any time of the year actually!) Who doesn't? One thing I've really gotten to love in Summer is a bit of salt with my fruit. It actually brings out the flavor.Everyone pretty much knows about salt on a margarita but what about salt on watermelon? Or in a watermelon cocktail? I wanted to create a cocktail that's fruity and refreshing but also has a little bit of spice. I also wanted it to have a big pop of color! Summer cocktails should be fun!I start out with Domaine De Canton which is a fantastic French liqueur. A delicious blend of ginger and cognac. Sweet and spicy with hints of honey and vanilla. It's very unique. You can really taste it in the finish of the drink.I'm also a big fan of ginger! I then add Purity Vodka from Sweden. It's very creamy and smooth and it blends really well in my cocktail because it's also very clean and crisp.I then add some Orgeat Works T'Orgeat Toasted Almond Syrup which imparts a wonderful nutty flavor . Some fresh lime juice to add some tartness and then I add my watermelon. I use Elite Natural Organic Watermelon Juice. It's all natural. No preservatives or sugar and you get a healthy dose of vitamin C!! It also tastes just like fresh watermelon! Then last but not least a few pinches of ginger sea salt. Yes I said ginger sea salt! I love cocktails with a bit of a kick! I then garnish it with a piece of candied ginger and a lime wheel. Have a Scarlet Queen on a hot summer day. You'll feel royally cool! Cheers!!