If you’ve been following along with me you will know that I am partial to the Old Fashioned, and have featured a number of great versions, including the classic original along with its origin story. For Eric Fuller’s Button Box series I thought I would do a series of Old Fashioneds as well, pairing each box with a nice variation. Let’s start out small, for his Small Button Box, with a simple and delicious summer twist on the old favorite.


This one comes via Lucinda Sterling, an acclaimed New York bartender who came from Denver to Manhattan and landed at the famed Milk and Honey bar in Soho. The owner and originator of Milk and Honey was the legendary Sasha Petraske, a pivotal figure in the nineties cocktail revival and a mentor to many modern mixologists like Sterling. She moved on to Petraske’s second bar, Little Branch, before becoming managing partner at Middle Branch, his third effort, where she has become a leading female figure in the industry. Her Midnight Train is a simple, elegant riff on the Old Fashioned, which substitutes peach liqueur for the standard sugar cube. With the right bourbon, this brings out flavors of vanilla and baked dough, and you might just think you are enjoying a warm summer peach pie. Which sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Here’s to the small pleasures in life – cheers!


Midnight Train by Lucinda Sterling

2 oz Bourbon (Sterling recommends Elijah Craig Small Batch)

½ oz Peach liqueur (Sterling uses Combier)

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a favorite glass. Lemon twist garnish and a smile.

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