One of my favorite cocktails is a the classic Sidecar.It's delicious and one of my go to drinks. Simple but fantastic when it's well made. One of my favorite desserts is Sticky Toffee Pudding. I'm married to a Scot and have lots of friends in the UK so whenever we go there it's a must have! So I decided why not combine two of my favorite things into a cocktail and add a twist to it as well. I use Louis Royer Force 53 VSOP Cognac. It's strong but very smooth. Frangelico to add some rich hazelnut flavor. fresh apple cider (that's why it's called a cidecar instead of a sidecar) Fee Brothers Aromatic Old Fashioned Bitters for a bit of spice, fresh lemon and a delicious house made date syrup made from medjool dates I also rim the glass with a mixture of demerera and date sugar and add a twist of lemon . So next time you're thinking about your favorite drink and your favorite dessert why not get creative and combine the two into one fabulous cocktail! Cheers!