One of the posh Manhattan destinations on anyone’s list during its heyday, which was just about the entire time it was in operation, being seen at The Stork Club meant you had officially ‘arrived’. Opened in 1929 by ex-bootlegger Sherman Billingsley, influential columnist Walter Winchell called it “New York’s New Yorkiest place on West 58th.” Indeed, it was located on West 58th Street for the first 5 years of its existence, then when prohibition ended it moved to 3 East 53rd Street where it would remain until its final day of operation on October 4th, 1965. The building was demolished in 1966, and Paley Park now stands in its place.

Stork Club Cub Room Stork Club Entrance Stork Club Main Dining Room Stork Club Match Book Stork Club Menu Stork Club Powder Room

For more on this sadly long gone Manhattan institution, be sure and check out the wonderful website Sherman Billingsley’s Stork Club, and for a glimpse into the glitz and glamor check out this clip below. Enjoy!