A new Hollywood classic, The Thug balances round, full bodied bourbon, bright, fresh lemon juice, sweet honey syrup and intense spice. The Thug is complex, but surprisingly smooth and easy to drink. 

Created by Jared Meisler, a Los Angeles native, who co-owns The Roger Room, Bar Lubitsch and The Pikey in Los Angeles. All of Meisler's bars are known and loved for their commitment to serving world class cocktails, with a smile.  

The Roger Room in Los Angeles is an elegant cocktail bar that is also fun and playful. It has won prestigious awards including Tales of the Cocktail "Bar Brawl" and been praised by numerous writers and publications from The Los Angeles Times to the New York Times to the Times of London and many in between. 

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

1.50 oz. Maker’s Mark
0.50 oz. honey
0.50 oz. hot water
0.25 oz. fresh lemon juice
Scrappy’s Firewater Tincture


Reserve a lemon peel for garnish. Make honey syrup by combining honey and hot water. Pour all the ingredients except Scrappy’s into a mixing glass. Add ice, stir until the outside of the glass becomes sightly frosty. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Slide lemon peel between ice cubes. Add 5 drops of the firewater tincture to taste (you can add more for extra spiciness).