When it comes to summertime cocktails we want them to be two things- simple and refreshing. No one wants to sip a super heavy cocktail during bikini season!

Not only is this cocktail insanely simple to make, it gives the classic tonic accompanied cocktails a serious upgrade. The substitution of Carpano Bianco, for gin or vodka, will give you a velvety sip with fresh floral and smooth vanilla flavors. Balance out the sweetness with a few dashes of bitters and you've got a cocktail perfect for seaside sipping.


1 1/2 oz Carpano Bianco
2-4 drops Orange Bitters (add more or less to taste)
Tonic Water
1 orange peel

Fill tumbler with ice.

Add Carpano Bianco, Orange Bitters and top a splash of Tonic or Soda Water.

Stir gently with a spoon, and garnish with orange peel.

*Header image via eater.com