Spring and summer months bring a lot of opportunity with them. There’s always something going on - from a wedding to a birthday bash to a holiday get together. The weather warms up most parts of the country, bringing sleeping flowers back to life and the opportunity to gather with our friends outside begins to come around again. Social calendars will begin to fill up with holiday parties, wedding showers, casual get-togethers, and other social to-dos as the neighborhood pools open, wedding season arrives, and as sweet summertime begins.

For adults, sometimes the influx of social events is a drag. But let’s face it, formalities are fun when you add spirits in. Few people aren’t familiar with goodies gone alcoholic. From slushies and slurpees all the way to cake pops and even certain ice creams, alcohol has made its way into our cups, hands, or otherwise. Planning a party isn’t a piece of cake, but the cake you serve doesn’t have to be boring.

Consider this your primer on the best booze-infused treats. They’ll give you something to buzz about.

Cake Infused with Alcohol


This title is a giveaway. There’s nothing mysterious about alcohol infused cake, because the possibilities are endless. Think of cake as the Wild West. There aren’t really any rules; as long as the cake is tasty, you can’t go wrong. And there’s no deputy to take you away to jail.

Cakes that are cooked and infused with alcohol aren’t necessarily alcoholic as the alcohol cooks out, but that doesn’t mean they’re not just as delicious. If you’re truly looking for a buzz from your cake, choose to add the liquor into the filling or to the final glaze - whether that’s whipped cream or icing.

Boozy Cupcakes


Cupcakes are the smaller, more personalized versions of their delicious cousin cake. Because they come in options-a-plenty, booze-infused icing, filing, glaze, or frosting is a possibility. Cupcakes are the perfect treat for almost any occasion - they’re becoming more and more popular as a wedding dessert, even.

Just like with cake, if the alcohol is cooked into the recipe it will evaporate out.

Ice Cream and Sorbet


Haagen-Dazs is a household name for most dessert lovers. The brand has creamy treats ad indulgent desserts. Their latest creation, the magical Spirits Collection which launched this year, is no exception. This is the perfect treat for the upcoming summer nights.

But let’s not forget Ben and Jerry’s liquor-infused flavors of 2017. And just last year, their creative experts dropped some incredible and infused recipe ideas using their ice cream flavors. Check those out here.

Milkshakes and Slushies5966d35d620ec94e3d99c7fea0f7f912a186df77.jpg

This is not a new concept, by any means, but it’s a very important one to remember. Alcohol-infused shakes are creamy, delicious, and often sweet treats that effectively mask the taste of the alcohol you might be consuming. Since it’s a bit of an acquired taste for some, alcohol-infused shakes are great for a younger crowd who might not appreciate the bite of the buzz the way another demographic might.

Of all desserts, ice cream and frozen drinks are favorites during the summer. Slushies, ice cream, Slurpees, you name it - they spike it. Frozen drinks are best enjoyed outside by the pool, by the beach… anywhere, really.

Gummies and Fruit


You can buy these tasty treats, but why waste the money when alcoholic gummies are treats you can make yourself - flavoring to your liking? Exactly. DIY, when it comes to cooking anything, is one of the best bets. You can tailor a recipe to your liking that way - which is to say that your alcoholic gummies could have whichever liquor you love most.

Alcohol and dessert are pretty great on their own but it’s time you have your cake and get drunk off it too!