Cider has come a long way. Granted, the syrupy-sweet, lightly spiked apple and pear juice we guzzled in college with reckless abandon (then rued the following day—I’m looking at you, Woodchuck) is still available—and in fact, it’s proliferated! But that rising tide has also brought us countless new quality entrants into the cider game, including Tieton Cider Works from Washington State, with which I am most impressed. Pink Lady, Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill—all of these apple varieties find a home in Tieton’s portfolio of 10 ciders ranging from dry and semidry to semisweet and sweet. Even a confirmed beer-lover will appreciate the dry-hopped Yakima Valley cider; the apricot cider is pucker-up-sour and refreshing, and all are naturally gluten-free. True, there are gourmet ciders made from heritage apples and Champagne yeast that come in corked 705-milliliter bottles, but when price, volume and accessibility are factors—which is often—this is the way to go. $8, Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits.

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