Suzanne and her Terroir Fizz Milk Punch, with St. George Spirits Terroir gin, and her Google Glass. Photo by Andie Ferman.

Tales of the Cocktail. Oh, Tales of the Cocktail! Oh, New Orleans!

What a trip you always are. I don't know if Ann Tunnerman has ever thought of her event as the doorway to unpredictable adventure, but that is without a doubt what Tales of the Cocktail is, and it shimmers in its Elegbian mischief. I have never had the same experience twice at Tales, although we do have some nice traditions in place (food at Green Goddess, Pig n Punch, Friday night dinner at Arnaud's with French 75s). Step off of the plane and into the hot humid New Orleans night and you're primed for adventure - and it's pretty good at finding you, even if you aren't planning on it. The difference, for me, this year, was the excellent opportunity to wear Google Glass - and share my first hand experience with everyone else. This story is how Tales of the Cocktail looks and feels - from my point of view.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Google Glass, it's new technology from Google that allows you to interact with the internet and the world hands free - mostly by talking to it. They look like an awesome, space age pair of glasses without lenses. I'm wearing them in the photo above. As I've worn Glass, it has changed how I interact with the world in a significant way. Since the information I'd usually use my phone for is easily displayed for me - usually without me even needing to ask for it - I'm free to be more present in conversations, more aware of what's around me, and I get to share photos, video, and my point of view with the world easily. I never wonder if I've missed a call or what time it is. I already know, and can get on to the things that matter - like drinking deep and living life to the fullest in New Orleans. I hope you'll enjoy these first hand photos of what it was like for me to be at Tales.

Pre-breakfast Fernet Branca tasting


The herbs that make Fernet Branca

Warren Bobrow

Lady Lillet Amanda Boccato serving up a gorgeous punch... in the hallway. Tales is winning. Awesomeness in the hallway.

Ladies in the Pyrat Rums tasting room, delighted by Google Glass

Which way now? Princess Pupule checks her phone for the best next step in the Monteleone Lobby

In the Cocktail Kingdom shop

Jared Brown with his Sipsmith London Dry Gin, David Wondrich also at the table

20130718_162118_860.jpgBrass Monkey, for your funky monkey needs in NOLA

We found tiki mugs with Tia Maria!

demonstrating the "Is that Google Glass?" gesture

More, "Is that Google Glass?"

Some people were just blown away
Were really curious20130720_181938_891.jpg
Or just could not believe it20130719_000539_554.jpg
And then there were shots of Wild Turkey 101, because it was Hunter S. Thompson's Birthday.

20130718_213358_558.jpgThere were handsome gents at dinner

Stunning ladies

20130718_215242_660.jpgand acrobats!

20130718_232550_549.jpgparties in the grocery store

Awesome seminars about rum

and more parties in the hall

If you're interested in seeing more, especially videos of what it's like when I wear Google Glass, follow me on Google+. You could just follow me for those rare moments when someone gets iced, like here. But the other things are fun too.

I'll see YOU there!

-- Suzanne