Togouchi Blended Japanese Review

Togouchi Blended Japanese whisky is know as the “naturalized Japanese Whisky” because they import already distilled single malt whisky from Scotland and grain whisky from Canada. They then go through an undisclosed process to “naturalize” the whisky so that it can be called Japanese Whisky. Then they make their blends.

In Togouchi’s Words: Togouchi Blended Japanese

“A grain whisky with different features (an unblended whisky with a soft sweetness and an unblended whisky with rich minerals and grains) blends a well balanced peat aroma and a malt whisky that has a soft sweetness like vanilla and chocolate. Utilize the youthfulness, the whisky has been finished with a light flavour but comes with a kick.”

Aaannd that’s about it. On to the Togouchi Blended Japanese review!

Togouchi Blended Japanese Info

Region: Japan

Distiller: Togouchi
Mashbill: Japanese Single Malt + Japanese Grain Whisky
Cask: Not listed
Age: NAS
ABV: 40%

Price: $65

Togouchi Blended Japanese Review

Light yellow – almost clear

Grain, vanilla, spirit, honey, apple, and a bit of spice. It’s flat and uninteresting, but at least it’s not completely offensive.

The palate on the other hand is quite offensive. It basically tastes like new-make with a bit of raw grain and butterscotch syrup. Awful.

Short drop of bitter spirit.

No balance, thin body and watery feel.

Togouchi Blended Japanese whisky is just not very good. There’s not a whole lot going on and what is going on I have no desire to repeat any time soon. The entire essence of this whisky is that of new-make that’s only just touched a barrel. It’s young, it’s harsh it’s light in overall character and the only thing that kept it from being a D is the not-completely-terrible nose.

SCORE: 70/100 (C-)

Togouchi Blended Japanese Label

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