Tom's Foolery Cask Strength Rye Review

This Tom’s Foolery Cask Strength Rye is/was (depending on when you read this) a single barrel pick for K&L here in Hollywood and like everything else Tom’s Foolery does it’s great. They didn’t take any shortcuts in making this 100% rye whiskey, including in what details they give you about the whiskey on their site. Which, by the way, is freaking awesome. The amount of detail here is a whiskey nerds boozy dream!

In Toms Foolery’s Words: Tom’s Foolery Cask Strength Rye

“Batch Number: 2 017 127
Product Type: Rye
Status: Released
Number of Bottles: 207
Number of Barrels: 1
Harvest W. Gallons: 41
Harvest Proof: 111.11%p
Date Harvested: Monday, July 17, 2017
Solids-Filtered: Yes
Chill-Filtered: No
Bottle Proof: 111.11%
This private barrel selection of cask strength rye was chosen by David Othenin-Girard for K&L Wines in California! Look for it there, or online!”

And that’s just part of it, for all the info about this K&L SiB follow this link. For all the tasting notes check out the Tom’s Foolery Cask Strength Rye Review below!

Tom’s Foolery Cask Strength Rye Info

Region: Ohio, USA

Distiller: Tom’s Foolery Distillery
Mashbill: 70% Winter Rye, 30% Malted Winter Rye (Canadian)
Cask: New Charred Oak
Age: 4 Years (and 6 months)
ABV: 55.55%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Batch: K&L Single Barrel
Barrel: 127

Price: $50 @ K&L

Tom’s Foolery Cask Strength Rye Review Review


Dill, caramel, vanilla, spice, citrus peel, cinnamon oil, butterscotch and a light bit of oak and herbal pine.

Dill, caramel, vanilla, herbal pine, cinnamon oil, menthol, taffy sweetness and bits of leather, cocoa and graham.

Long dilly fade of caramel, piney herbal and cinnamon.

Great sense of balance, full round body and an oily warm feel.

Tom’s Foolery Cask Strength Rye is so close to being an excellent whiskey – just a few more years to deepen the complexity and bump up the oak and it’ll be insane. As-is the whiskey has a spry, crisp and expressive aroma and a dark savory palate and finish that come together in a lovely delivery that’s warm without being overbearing or hot from the alcohol.

This is a great barrel proof rye that easily balances rustic and sweet characteristics; dynamic and expressive, it’s fun to drink and explodes with rye essence. It also changes noticeably while it sits in the glass so it’s also a bit of a sensory adventure. I said it with the Tom’s Foolery Bonded Bourbon and I’ll say it again with the Tom’s Foolery Cask Strength Rye; Tom Foolery is a craft distillery to watch – they’re doing things right!

SCORE: 88/100 (B+)

Tom's Foolery Cask Strength Rye Label

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