Known as a capital of craft beer to all beer lovers, San Diego, California is the city to find your new favorite brew. Expect to douse yourself with the many choices of breweries and their local beers tastings, which happens to be one of the main attractions in San Diego. With over 150+ breweries, you’ll have so many options to choose from. However, let’s focus on the top 5 breweries that are on everyone's minds. Here are your next favorite breweries on the planet.

Karl Strauss Brewery

Karl Strauss Brewery is the brewery that started it all! Still here to knock your socks off, this brewery started all the way back in 1989. Not long after, they went into the distribution brewery business that had other breweries believing in themselves too.

Now, as more traditional and modern as ever, Karl Strauss Brewery welcomes all to enjoy the nostalgic vibes, while being updated to accommodate for 2018. Try out their very own tasting room or beer garden, where you can get some amazing beer while being able to catch delivery from your favorite local restaurants. Not to mention, the live music is phenomenal here! Who would've thought that two and a half decades later, they would still be going strong!

Stone Brewing

Another fantastic spot to fulfill your beer needs is Stone Brewing. Perhaps one of the more gorgeous breweries in town, Stone Brewing has remnants of a modern wooden garden on the inside, and takes advantage of the California desert feel on the outside.

Stone Brewery opened up back in 1996. Starting their journey as a small microbrewery, it has come to be one of the biggest and most popular breweries in the United States. After all, being labeled as the “all-time top brewery on planet Earth” by Beer Advocate Magazine is no easy task. And it's not all about the beer - the brewery is known for some of the most tasty dishes in San Diego. Their locally grown food comes fresh from San Diego County, so you know it is going to be delicious!

Mikkeller Brewing

Imagine taking the best of Southern California’s modern brews, and combining it with the traditional brews of Europe. Mikkeller Brewing knocks this combination out of the park. By attempting what nobody has done before, Mikkeller Brewing is always pushing the boundaries of their creativity with interesting brews! This also changes the expectations of what people understand about beer. Although many may be unfamiliar with the European style of beer, Mikkeller attempts to shed some light with some of their one-of-a-kind crafts that you can’t find anywhere else.

Mission Brewery

Located in East Village, San Diego, Mission Brewery boasts a historic awe and humbles you with its rustic vibes and brews. This brewery was brought back to life in 2007, all thanks to a man known as Dan Selis - in the historic Wonder Bread Building. This building is nothing short of epic and demands the attention of anyone that enters San Diego. And best of all, this brewery is kid and dog friendly.

Green Flash Brewery

Green Flash Brewery is raved about all over San Diego. Whether its their beer is or how fun the people who work there are, Green Flash is a local favorite.

One of the main reasons to go happens to be because of their name. At the perfect time, with the perfect seat and the last few moments before the sun sinks under the water, there is a brilliant green flash of sunshine shown as a spectacle to those who are lucky to see it. This is the driving inspiration to the whole brewery to recreate that moment in their beer. Truly something to witness on your own.

These are the top 5 picks of breweries in San Diego, California! Remember to drink responsibly and have the time of your life!