Father's Day seems to be the hardest holiday to buy for. How many ties and BBQ accessories can one man really have? And you can't exactly buy him a box of chocolates like you do for Mom on Mother's Day and handing your dad a handle of booze seems slightly strange.

This year you can help your dad indulge with the Mash Bill Truffle Collection. These truffles are infused with high quality spirits that are right up your dad's alley. Some of the best brands in the business including Templeton Rye and Four Rose's Bourbon have added their help to make these already amazing truffles even more delicious.

Wrap up this gift for dad and let him to enjoy these booze infused treats with his feet up in front of the TV. Just don't expect him to share.

The 9 Piece Mash Bill Truffle Collection includes:

- (2) Whiskey: Templeton Rye Whiskey + tart cherry + tobacco + 62% cacao dark chocolate
- (2) Bourbon: toasted pecans + Four Rose's Single Barrel Bourbon + 45% deep milk chocolate

- (2) Scotch: coconut & cocoa nib caramel + Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scotch + 45% deep milk chocolate

- (3) Stout: Rogue's Chocolate Stout + 62% cacao dark chocolate