With Cinco De Mayo quickly approaching, margaritas and tequila are definitely on the mind. The classic Margarita recipe calls for 3 simple ingredients: triple sec, lime, and tequila and to keep things in a family of 3, the majority of Tequila is produced in one of 3 different expressions: Blanco (or Silver), Reposado, and Añejo.

Whether one prefers a lighter tequila, like Blanco, which is unaged and considered Tequila’s most ‘pure’ form; a stronger Tequila, such as Añejo, which is sure to add a kick to your cocktail with its bolder, smokier flavors as a result of being barrel aged for up to three years; or something in the middle, like Reposado, which has a nicely balanced palate after the liquid is aged for up to a year – there is a perfect Tequila (and margarita) for everyone.

This Cinco De Mayo go outside the box and create a Margarita that’s a riff on the classic using whichever Tequila expression that best suits your taste buds.


Jalisco Express

This cocktail was created and named in honor of the Tequila Express train in Jalisco, Mexico which took people to the agave fields in the lowlands of the Jalisco region.

Place basil first, then Jalapeno and cucumber slices in a shaker; add agave syrup and muddle. Add in rest of the ingredients and ice. Shake, double strain and serve over ice.


Habanero Hell Fire ~Jakob Hostetter, Beverage Manager at Cantina on Lenox, NYC

After being aged for about 9 months, this well-balanced Reposado Tequila nicely stands up to the heat of the habanero in this spicy cocktail.

Rim glass with black pepper and salt. Then muddle seeds of Jalapeno pepper in a pre-rimmed margarita glass. Pour remaining ingredients in a glass, top off with ice and stir.


La Adelita-Rita ~Jakob Hostetter, Beverage Manager at Cantina on Lenox, NYC

After spending about 18 months in a repurposed whiskey barrel, This Añejo Tequila is a model example of maturity after aging 18 months in repurposed whiskey barrels, and when paired with the right amount of sweet and savory, it makes for the ultimate pairing.

Rim rocks glass with salt and red pepper flakes. Pour all ingredients over ice in glass and garnish with Blood Orange wheel.

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