I truly enjoy visiting distilleries. Whether they be in Nashville, Strathspey or New Jersey (my home state), there's something special about seeing how each brand crafts their spirits. I can best equate to Charlie visiting the Chocolate Factory. Following that analogy, I am currently planning my golden ticket trip to the Bourbon Trail this fall and I now may have an added stop to make.

Clyde May's Whiskey recently announced plans to consolidate operations in Alabama. They will build an artisan distillery, rackhouses and a bottling hub in Troy, Alabama, alongside a tasting and experience center and a replica of the original still that Clyde May used when first distilling his whiskey in the hills of Alabama in the 1940s.

The inspiration for Clyde May's distillery began with the famed moonshiner and bootlegger Clyde May in the 1940s. Clyde May's Whiskey, made by Conecuh Ridge Distillery, is now the Official State Spirit of Alabama.