Barcelona experiences ten hours of sunshine per day over the summer months, so what better way is there to soak up the rays than with a cocktail in hand at a rooftop bar?

The Catalan capital may already have tons of things to do, from hundreds of great restaurants to an endless list of attractions, but nothing quite beats kicking back and relaxing on one of the city’s sunny terraces.

Offering breath-taking panoramic views of the city’s best-loved attractions, rooftop bars make you feel on top of the world, allowing you to explore Barcelona from new heights. Why stress about airport transfers, car hire and souvenir shopping when you can soak up the Catalan sun from a truly tranquil environment instead?

Here are seven rooftop bars where you can do just that.


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1. Sky Bar at Grand Hotel Central.

Home to not only one of the best rooftop pools in Europe, the Sky Bar at Grand Hotel Central is a firm favourite of Catalan locals and tourists alike. Providing panoramic views of the El Born district, the bar opens its doors to non-hotel residents after 9pm every evening and charges €20 for entrance. That fee does include a cocktail though, which are worth every penny by themselves.

However, if you do visit here, the bar does unsurprisingly get booked up quite quickly, so make sure to reserve a space in advance of your arrival.


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2. La Isabela at Hotel 1898.

If you’re looking for a place where you can sit back, relax, and soak up 360-degree views of Barcelona with a drink in hand, look no further than La Isabela. Located near the Las Ramblas, the bar is very central but has a reputation for being a little on the expensive side.

However, it’s definitely worth the investment – the quality of the bar’s rooftop pool and the city views it offers speaks for itself. You can even buy a great range of home-made tapas there too – the perfect accompaniment to a warm Catalonian evening.
3. The Pulitzer Terrace at Hotel Pulitzer.

Located only a stone’s throw away from Plaça Catalunya – Barcelona’s busiest square – The Pulitzer Terrace is an urban garden that provides the ideal sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city below. While its views might be quite as majestic as some other rooftop bars, it is one of the more affordable options on our list and allows public access from 6pm.

Pick up a beer for €4 or a glass of Catalan wine for €4.50, and enjoy The Pulitzer’s famous concerts and DJ sets which take place throughout the week. Oh, and try the kitchen’s crispy chicken while you’re there – it’s incredible.


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4. La Dolce Vitae at Majestic Hotel.

Looking for a bar that oozes luxury at every turn? Then La Dolce Vitae could be the place for you. This rooftop bar is quality personified, offering stunning 360-degree views of Barcelona, encapsulating familiar sights such as la Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Montjuic.

It can get a little crowded at times, as it’s not the biggest rooftop bar on our list but, given its quality, it’s not surprising it’s such a popular place to visit. With food prepared and served by a Michelin-star chef, the 10th floor-based bar features a quaint rooftop pool to chill out in, and is definitely a place that focuses on quality over quantity.


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5. Ohla Chillout Terrace at Ohla Hotel.

The aptly-named ‘chillout’ terrace is the perfect place to do exactly that. You could sit on this rooftop bar for hours on end, relaxing under the Catalan sun and watching the world go by. Whether you have a quick bottle of craft beercraft beer during the day, or a glass of house red wine at sunset, the Ohla Chillout Terrace is the perfect escape from the city.

You can also pick up a range of truly excellent Catalan food while you’re there as well, with the Michelin-starred Caelis and La Plassohla located on site. It may be a little more expensive than other rooftop bars in the area, but the experience you get more than makes up for it.


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6. Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel.

This rooftop bar is fantastic in more ways than one. Whether it be the reasonable prices it has, the stunning city views it offers, or the authentic Catalan music it showcases, the vibe and atmosphere of Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel is really what makes it stand out.

Definitely one of the city’s best places to watch the sunset from, the bar – located at Ciutat Vella – is open to the public from 4pm, and serves a fantastic selection of cocktails. It also has a pool which is the perfect place to dip your toes into when the Catalonian sun starts to get the better of you.