Vanilla lemonade. It may sound strange or different to some. Trust me on this one, it's absolutely wonderful. And, it's summer time. What better time to drink fresh lemonade than now? Can't think of one. Lemoade is one of those beverages that's like a blank canvas. You can add whatever flavor or fruit you want. Blackberry, strawberry, ginger, basil, rosemary. The possibilities are endless! One flavor that we all know works well with bourbon whiskey is vanilla. How many times have you seen bourbon-vanilla ice cream or bourbon caramel? A lot. The recipe for the vanilla lemonade is super easy. Make a vanilla syrup, juice some lemons, put the two together. The recipe is over on


2oz. Bourbon (Wild Turkey Spiced used here)

Vanilla Lemonade

Fill glass with ice. Add bourbon and top with lemonade, garnish with mint. Cheers!