Name: Virgil Kaine High Robber Baron Rye Whiskey

ABV: 45.5%

Proof: 91

Nose:  Baking Spices, Apples, Light Fruit, Oatmeal

Palate: pears, apricots, light wood, nutmeg

Finish: Moderate and spicy with a strong fruit flavor, mainly apricots and figs

Overall: Robber Baron Rye Whiskey begins with a nice aroma of baking spices, apples, light fruit and a hint of grains. At first sip I got a strong upfront taste of pears and apricots. A nice genuine taste from the fruit flavor and slightly sweet. There is a light wood flavor with a bit of nutmeg flavor that is barely noticeable. The finish is moderate and spicy with a powerful apricot and fig flavor punching through. The flavors seem to linger for a fair amount of time. Overall, this is a good rye whiskey and one that I enjoyed sipping neat. In a cocktail, it has the power to stand up and stand out amongst other rye whiskies. I tried this in a Manhattan and was quite impressed with the resulting cocktail. The sweet and spicy flavors of this whiskey are spot on and the unique flavors of pear and figs are flavors rarely detected in whiskey. If you are somewhat of a fan of rye whiskey and enjoy a decent mid grade rye than give this one a go, I’m confident you will like it. For around $28-$35 it is worth a try as it won’t break the bank.

History: Virgil Kaine spirits are crafted in Charleston, South Carolina and inspired by flavor first. As chefs, we are guided by our years in the kitchen and apply our culinary know-how to each of our unique whiskeys. What sets Virgil Kaine apart is this chef-driven approach to whiskey making and a passion for always sourcing the finest whiskey and the highest quality ingredients.