Here is your first ever scotch sighting from the hit ABC series "Scandal" starring Kerry Washington. Unfortunately, the scotch is yet another fake. This particular sighting marks the fourth appearance of mystery malt known as GlenKnolls. It has appeared in an episode of "The People V. O.J. Simpson" as well as two episodes of "Modern Family". In each scene the label on the actual bottle itself is barely visible but after enlarging a few screenshots it is no longer completely indecipherable.

A Fake Glenlivet for a Modern Family

Another GlenKnolls Sighting in "Modern Family"

GlenKnolls appears in an Episode of "The People V. O.J. Simpson"

The clip above is from season 6 episode 13 entitled "The Box". Keep sending in these amazing sightings and we'll keep posting them. Hopefully the next few post will feature real brands and maybe these phoney baloneys will someday be phased out once and for all.