ee3b09c478678416760479bff23657a6c5ac8592.jpgThe 80's . What an amazing time ! If I could time travel I can't think of another decade that I'd like to return to. Boy did we have fun! One of my favorite 80's movies was "Pretty In Pink" . Every time it's on TV I have to watch it! I know many of you feel the same way. Andie, Blaine, Steff and of course Duckie! I wanted to create a cocktail that was dedicated to my love of the 80's and "Pretty In Pink" There is a classic line in the movie " What about Prom, Blaine?" Poor Andie! I do love the fact that she marched to the beat of her own drum! You know what I'm talking about all you 80's movie buffs out there! This movie also has a fantastic soundtrack!

Many 80's cocktails were super sweet and very colorful. I drank many a Woo Woo, Fuzzy Navel and Sex on The Beach back then! You didn't find many whisky cocktails that were popular. So this is my dedication to "Pretty In Pink" . A bit sweet but with a definite kick!

I start out infusing Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon with Tahitian Whole Organic Vanilla Bean. Elijah Craig is very smooth with a touch of oak. The vanilla brings out the toasty,caramel notes in the bourbon. I let it infuse about 3 days. It's really fantastic.

Of course I had to make my cocktail pink! I muddle a few raspberry's( one of my favorite fruits especially now that they're in season), some cream of coconut, add a bit of red currant jam and a few drops of Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters with a dash of Allspice. Fresh raspberry's to garnish. It's simple and delicious!

So pouf up and feather your hair, find some shoulder pads, break out those tight designer jeans. grab your old yearbook and come have a What About Prom? You'll be so glad you did! Cheers!