A bit of a daring suggestion: an oyster cocktail.

A bit of a daring suggestion: an oyster cocktail.

As we all know alcoholic drinks can be a great aphrodisiac. Actually booze  is the reason that even the ugliest guys on this planet sometimes wake up next to the hottest women. And everybody who has ever watched Sex and the City (of course you were just passing by, when the batteries of your remote control were done, we get it) knows that among alcoholic drinks the most effective aphrodisiac is a cocktail. But which one is the best? To answer this question we give you all the opportunity to send in your suggestions. Not just because we’re lazy. We are just not real experienced cocktail mixers. And since some of our followers are, we’d like to learn from you. After this we hope to have the ultimate list of cocktails of seduction.

So are there any rules? Well very little. You just have to name the ingredients (and amounts of them) of your cocktail and the way to prepare it. Also descrbe in a few words why your cocktail is sure to get you laid. If you want you can also send us multiple recipes. To help you get started we’ll give you some possible ingredients that are known aphrodisiacs. For the rest you can use all kinds of booze, bitters, juices and fruits.

Possible ingredients that are believed to be aphrodisiacs:
Chile peppers
Pine nuts

Got any ideas yet? Of course instead of almonds you can also use almond liqueur, or instead of chocolate you can use chocolate ice cream. Please send us your favorite cocktail recipes. If it’s your own finding don’t forget to give the drink a name. You can send your cocktails to our e-mail adress Lordsofthedrinks@hotmail.com. or in the comment box below. Love to hear from you soon.


Micky Bumbar