If you're like me and are based in New York, you've probably dealt with the MTA at some point or another. While the fancy shmancy real name for the MTA is spelled out to be the 'Metropolitan Transit Authority', we can all agree that the system's trash and that it needs to either get its shit together or die in the nearest ditch. Because the MTA is so goddamn awful, Blue Point Brewing Company is chiming in on the fun and is releasing their new "What the L?" beer to the world. Here's what you need to know.

4370c26d88d82722bd67759d862c7da5ba9c6599.jpgPhoto courtesy of Blue Point Brewing Company

“What the L?” is a helles style lager that comes in clutch with an ABV of 5.7%. The later will be available for purchase in New York in April, and the suggested retail price varies between retailers. The lager's going to be released regardless of if the shutdown actually happens, and has the intent to bring relief to us New Yorkers just in case the shutdown does occur... but if it doesn't, who cares? We have beer.