On the Bartender Journey Podcast this week - A review of the Greg Seider book: Alchemy in a Glass.

Plus, what should first time visitors to the New Orleans festival Tales of the Cocktail expect?

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Here is a little bit of my review of Alchemy in a Glass:
· Greg does a great job in this book – what I especially liked was his take on the classic or standards. For one thing, rather than simple syrup, he uses agave syrup, which for some reason I’ve always stayed away from, (until now!) First of all simple syrup made with plain old white sugar is a lot cheaper to make than agave. And when I want to get fancy, I’ll make honey syrup which is freking delicious – you make it the same way – heat up some water and then stir in an equal amount of honey. But the agave syrup gives your cocktail such a nice “weight” or mouth feel.

· Also, Greg substitutes the agave syrup plus orange bitters for the 3sec or 4ontro in his recipes. For instance the Margarita, Cosmo and Sidecar. This makes a really nice cocktail, and it saves a bit of money over using Cointreau!