While most of us know Carvel Ice Cream for having ice cream (duh), did you know that they recently collaborated with Captain Lawrence Brewing to launch two new beers? No? Ok, let's talk abut them for a few seconds.


Photo courtesy of Captain Lawrence x Carvel

As a result of the collaboration, two new beers were released. The beers are Cookie O'Puss Pastry Stout, which was created in honor of St. Patrick's Day and Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA, which was created in honor of Carvel turning 85 this upcoming summer. Both beers hit the shelves on February 26th; however, they availability of both beers differs from one anther. While Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA is only currently available in New York,Cookie O’Puss Pastry Stout is available all across the east coast/wherever Captain Lawrence is sold.

For additional details, visit CPtheBeer.com.