While we often associate tequila with Cinco de Mayo and with its ability to turn people into crazy human beings, it's something that shouldn't be overlooked when at the bar. Between the health benefits of tequila and Don Julio's newest campaign, here's what you should know about the brand and the actual tequila itself (aka what most of you care about, but still).


Photo courtesy of Don Julio

For starters, the name of Don Julio's marketing campaign is aptly titled For Those Who Know. The campaign travels throughout the course of the 50 States of America (aka cross-country) for the sake of celebrating actual (aka authentic) Mexican food joints that understand Mexico's culture and spirit and translate said understanding into their dishes and drinks. The understanding and the details that are explored within the campaign are expressed via vibrant colors and designs via Mexican artist, Claudio Limon. As a result, there'll be five murals that will be pained to help authentic Mexican establishments here in the US tell their stories.

Now you're probably wondering where in the heck will these murals be planted. While the campaign started this past National Margarita Day (Feb. 22nd, 2019) in Houston, additional mural locations include cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

With each mural comes a celebration at the eateries in which the murals are located at. At said celebration, there'll be authentic cuisine and specialty cocktails. Along with this will be the presence of Mexico-City mixologist Mica Rousseau. For the campaign, Rousseau has created custom Tequila Don Julio cocktails exclusive to each mural location that uses only Mexican dishes and with the intent to compliment the food at each establishment, which in my mind is considered to be smart thinking.