For the past month or so, the season of spring has made a presence in all of our lives in some way, shape, or form. Some of us associate spring with bees and other gross insects that come to haunt us in our sleep... no shade towards mosquitos, though. Anyway, with bees comes honey; and with honey comes a new boozy product known as b.


Photo courtesy of 'b'

TL;DR: b is a gluten and additive free sparkling honey (naturally fermented honey to be exact) beverage that's blended with fruit and is available in two different variations (honey, water, and cherry is pictured on the left while honey, water, and blueberry is pictured on the right). b pairs well with any and all forms of food, is 100 calories per can, and has an ABV of 3.5%. b hit shelves in Worcester & Boston, MA and Portland, ME this past March and will leave us all this upcoming June 2019.

Additionally, b has teamed up with University of Illinois’ Department of Entomology to help bring the Healthy Bee Fund to life in support of necessary research that's conducted of bees. The cool thing about this is that with evert case of b that's sold on the market, a singular dollar will be donated to the Healthy Bee Fund.

Additional information can be found via and b can be followed on Instagram @bbeverageco.