goodwood-el-gozador.jpg?w=300&h=300There’s a popular saying amongst enjoyers of adult beverages. “Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear.” While GSN would normally agree that’s it’s not always a good idea to mix the two, there remain a few exceptions. Goodwood Brewing has crafted one such exception with “El Gozador”.

Described as an “Ale Aged in a Tequila Barrel” it has much more going on than simply mixing the elements of tequila and beer. It’s a clear amber/red colored brew with a nose of tequila and malt. Surprisingly the initial flavor is quite tart and unexpected, but once the initial tartness mellows out you are left with a light salty tequila flavor that rounds out the finish. There is a nice wood aged flavor that pairs well with the tartness as well. While El Gozador certainly isn’t a beer to be quaffed, it is surprisingly refreshing with the addition of lime and orange peel. Now that the hot summer days are in full swing, if you want to relax in the shade, this ale would be a perfect partner.

GSN Rating: B+

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew