Good Spirits News has always been a fan of keeping drinks delicious. One of the best ways to do so is to keep a cold beer just that, cold. During the hot summer days when picnics and concerts abound in the warm sunshine, keeping a drink cold can be a struggle. Enter the FlexiKooler. A truly innovative product by Stubby Strip to keep drinks both cold and convenient. The item itself is able to adapt to a wide variety of shapes and sizes by being both flexible and containing lengths of velcro which will allow someone to simply attach extra pieces to add extra space. The attached handle is comfortable and definitely makes carrying your can, 6 pack, or any number pack much more convenient. The highlight of this product was how long it kept our beverages cold. In the time it took for us to sip our beverages we didn’t notice any significant drops in temperature. This is a well thought out product, and is recommended for anyone who will be out enjoying the warm summer with a cold drink.

GSN Rating: A-

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew

For more information go to: Stubby Strip

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