When you hear the term “swill” what comes to mind? I imagine for most people, it’s watered down warm, flat, light brown liquid that tastes worse than the can it comes in. However, judge not lest ye be judged as someone famous once said. Going by name alone, I was immensely surprised to see that 10 Barrel Brewing took the entirely opposite approach and has given its market something tasty, refreshing, and a beverage I would easily drink again.

Swill is a radler which is essentially a beer cocktail consisting of a lighter beer mixed with fruit soda or juice. As would be expected of such a concoction Swill has some sweetness to it, but it’s largely balanced out by a tart quality. It’s a clear golden brew with little to no head, and the thin body makes it perfect for the hot summer days that are soon approaching. It has a dry quality to start followed by an almost Riesling-like tang, and finishes with a lemon-honey like sweetness. It has a nice tart base, but this sweetness is what holds it back for me, as the finish is almost all sugar.

Anyone who is used to the IPA and DIPA or even Belgian style brews might not find this beer to their liking, but if you’re looking for something different to cool you off on a hot day, this should do the trick. Swill, it certainly isn’t.

Final notes: Starts off nice and light, but finishes with far too much sweetness. A decent take on a radler, but I would have liked to see more fruit flavor to add complexity.

GSN rating: 3.5/5

For more information go to: 10 Barrel

Review by Kieran Jerome Matthew