Reaching into my wallet, I found this recipe for a drink. There’s a story here which I’ll share. It’s a bit rude and insensitive, but has a redeeming quality. The recipe comes from Darrin Ylisto, a well known bartender from New Orleans who can be found shaking it up at the famed Sylvain bar in the French Quarter. Ylisto has a story of his own – he obtained his law degree from Tulane and was unhappily practicing law until Hurricane Katrina hit, wiping out the city in 2005. He took the opportunity to start over and is now happily doling out sage advice to his customers at Sylvain.


He relates the tale of an old man who left his wallet behind at the bar one night. Looking for an ID in order to contact the man, Ylisto was shocked to see exactly how old the man was. He announced, “He’ll probably be dead by the time we get this back to him”, then immediately felt bad about saying it. To make amends to the karma gods, he created this drink in the man’s honor. It’s a pleasing mix of rye and ruby port, a great combination for the winter months, with lemon and cinnamon syrup, which turns anything into a winter holiday drink. I don’t know if the old man ever got his wallet back, or if he made it to his hundredth birthday after all, but I know you’ll enjoy this drink. Here’s to good health, long life, warm spirits and merry companions. Cheers!


Dead Man’s Wallet by Darrin Ylisto

1 ½ oz rye

¾ oz ruby port

½ oz lemon

1/3 oz cinnamon syrup

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Shake together with ice and strain into a favorite glass.

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