Moving along the bottom row of the Apothecary Chest (introduced in Part I) we come next to one of the more distinct and recognizable “drawers” in the chest, Peter Wiltshire’s “Ferris Box”. I’m toasting Peter Wilthshire’s fine box with another tribute to the fantastical flight of fancy which first debuted at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair (“World’s Columbian Exposition”). The 264 foot high structure of spokes invented by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. resembled a giant bicycle wheel and represented a technological marvel of the time which had fair goers dizzy with excitement.


The Ferris Wheel cocktail from San Francisco mixologist Summer-Jane Bell might also make your head spin. Featuring sweet pear liqueur and the French aperitif Suze, it is finished off with a wheat style beer. I swapped the wheat beer for a grapefruit style radler from Texas’s Shiner brewery, which did not disappoint. This spin on a beer cocktail goes perfectly with the Ferris Box and is an equally giddy experience.


Next to the Ferris Box is another unique drawer called “Blocks Away”, designed and created by Ron Locke whose boxes are fanciful affairs full of mystery, legend and romance. For Locke’s box (a lovely ring to it, no?) I’ve got more locks. I’m revisiting an old favorite cocktail I modified slightly in the past, for another fine lock puzzle. The “Lock Pick” is a wonderful summer sipper with bourbon and ice tea. I featured my own version of it a while back, in which I used a chai tea syrup and Hum hibiscus liqueur, and now I present it in the original form for Locke’s box. The drink was created for Larceny bourbon (hence the illicit name) but works well with your favorite corn and whiskey mash too. I used pomegranate juice rather than liqueur, which is also delicious, but I added more sugar syrup to make up for it. So mix up one of these bourbon tea treats and go pick a lock – any of Ron’s fine puzzles will do. Congratulations, we’ve made it past the first set of challenges. Stay tuned as we move on to phase two of the apothecary box.


Ferris Wheel by Summer-Jane Bell

1 ½ oz William’s Pear Liqueur

½ oz Suze or similar gentian aperitif

½ oz lemon juice

1 ½ oz soda water

1 ½ oz German Weisse style beer (I used Shiner’s Ruby Redbird)

Build ingredients over ice in a tall glass and top off with the beer. Sip and set the wheels in motion.


The Lock Pick

1 ½ oz bourbon

¾ oz pomegranate liqueur

¾ oz lemon juice

3 oz iced tea (such as orange pekoe)

½ oz simple syrup

Shake all but tea together over ice and strain into an ice filled glass. Top off with the tea and give it a little stir as you lean back and relax. Cheers!

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