Yup, this is a Pokémon Go story.

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a brick, you likely know of the runaway mobile game of the moment, Pokémon Go. This title, a “location-based augmented reality game,” drops the little critters from the Pokemon world all over the real world. You track them down through your smartphone, and in a growing number of cases, you can find them popping up at distilleries.

pokemon go

image via Bluegrass Distillers

Below are some places where Pokemon have been found, so, should you wander by, you can enjoy a dram or two as a reward for capturing your virtual creature.

Good news, @Pokemon fans! #PalmettoDistillery in Anderson, SC is a PokéStop! #GottaCatchEmAll #PokémonGO pic.twitter.com/tVKrBjKUs8

— Palmetto Distillery (@palmettodistlry) July 12, 2016

Omg rattata infestation at the distillery today! #PokemonGO #oneeightd #kidswillbeimpressed pic.twitter.com/8RW4OjIpJV

— One Eight Distilling (@OneEightD) July 12, 2016

Found a Drowzee at the Dalwhinnie Whiskie distillery. Seems about right. #PokemonGo pic.twitter.com/1QRpKbhPlh

— funkyTii (@funkyTii) July 10, 2016

Any Pokemon Go players want to help take care of this rattatta problem by our still? #pokemonGOmaha pic.twitter.com/eqjknTYROV

— Cut Spike Distillery (@CutSpike) July 9, 2016

For #TravelTuesday this week we’re out around town catchin’ #pokemon 😄#bourbon #kentucky #pokemongo #sharethelex pic.twitter.com/5zPuhoBfX9

— Bluegrass Distillers (@BGDistillers) July 12, 2016

This guy!! #pokemon #pokemongo #teaminstinct #yellow4lyfe #slowpoke #dailies

A photo posted by Steve Lesce (@whythestevenot) on Jul 11, 2016 at 8:23pm PDT

Not everyone in the whiskey world is thrilled about Pokemon Go however:

The only way I’m playing Pokemon Go is if any of those dumb creatures are lurking around the bourbon aisle at my local liquor store.

— Bourbon Pursuit (@BourbonPursuit) July 12, 2016

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