Can you believe that next month will mark TEN YEARS since "The Sopranos" went off the air? The final episode of what was arguably the greatest series in history aired over a solid decade ago and we've been stuck with a bunch of substitute teachers ever since. On June 10th, let us all raise a glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label, or Blue Label, or Gold Label, or Glenlivet, or Glenfiddich, or Cutty Sark and toast to the 10 year Sopranniversary.

Each of these clips will be posted in order of when they appeared throughout the show's 86 episode run. The clip above is a classic scene from Season 1 episode 2 entitled "46 Long". It features the boys at the Bing watching TV, counting cash, having a few laughs, and sipping some Cutty Sark.

Also, If any HBO execs would like to read my spec script for a Johnny Boy & Uncle Junior prequel/spinoff show, hit me up. It's only 72,000 pages long and features very little Janice.