Subscription boxes seem to be popping up everywhere lately. You can get food, clothing, dog toys pretty much everything. You basically never need to leave your house again to get anything- though you should definitely consider leaving your house daily. We recently found a subscription box that tickles all of our mixology fancies. Shaker & Spoon delivers monthly boxes to your door step with everything you need (minus the booze) to construct beautiful cocktails featuring seasonal ingredients that will turn your liquor into a true masterpiece. No more boring ass mixed drinks for you, my friend.


Shaker & Spoon's recipes are the brainchild of Chief Cocktail Officer, Russell Davis. Russell is a mixologist, Nightclub & Bar's 2012 Bartender of the Year, internationally renowned cocktail concoctor, you get it- he's great at his job! He puts time and thought into every single cocktail recipe that is incorporated into a Shaker and Spoon box. You aren't just getting a 'hip take on a margarita', you're getting cocktail recipes that will blow the minds (and tastebuds) of the people you serve them to.

720cbbbf741bdd1c333d10d2c3402478f27636d8.jpgNot only does each box feature handpicked seasonal ingredients everything is measured out for you perfectly. You truly just add alcohol, mix and serve. If you plan on hosting any holiday parties, regular parties or just want to 'treat yo self' you need to get a Shaker & Spoon subscription like yesterday.

The author received a sample of product prior to this post.