Wild Rover

Jimmy Hillegas, Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails, Seattle, WA, USA

“To engage all senses, I have used black walnut bitters to give a sweet nutty flavor to enhance the Irish whiskey in all of its glory. Bringing a rich flavor to an already rich whiskey, adding a mint garnish with a slap to release the oils for a fragrance that hits a note with the rear tastebuds and the sweetness of bitters sugar and mild component of Jameson in the tastebuds in the front. Completing it with a dwelling background of citrus from a lemon wedge unsqueezed remaining in the beverage until completion. Stimulating 3 senses of sight, smell, and taste for a well rounded and highly enjoyable cocktail.” Jimmy Hillegas

Wild Rover - Copy1 sugar cube

7 dashes black walnut bitters

60 ml (2 oz) Jameson Irish whiskey

1 lemon wedge, as garnish

2 mint sprigs, as garnish

Muddle the sugar cube and bitters. Add ice. Add whiskey and stir, then add the garnishes.

gaz sez:  BARTENDERS TAKE NOTE! Can you say, “Less is More.”? This recipe proves it.  Bloody brilliant it is.  Well done, Jimmy!

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