Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil Review

Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil is – pun intended – the gold standard for all things Wild Turkey. Or at least it was until the Russell’s ’98 came along and dethroned it. A 12-year-old version of the reliable Wild Turkey 101 released for the American market in the mid-late 80’s through the early 90’s this bourbon delivered on its golden marketing and quickly became beloved by Wild Turkey fans. The biggest problem during its time of release is that Wild Turkey fans were at a low so they sat on the shelves till the “recent” bourbon craze.

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Though it wasn’t just WT whose fans were at a low, the bourbon industry as a whole was in a slump and brands were releasing old whiskey for a song but still no one was buying it. Fast forward to now and bottles like this regularly go for $400 – $600 on the secondary market. Oh how times have changed. On to the Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil review!

Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Wild Turkey
Mashbill: 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% malt
Cask: New Charred Oak
Age: 12 Years
ABV: 50.5%

Price: NA – Auction, Specialty Store or Private Seller

Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil Review

Ruddy caramel

Deep waves of dark fruit, oak, spice, dark sweets and complex baking spice move against layers of nuts, biscuits, earth, vanilla and char. This is a heavy dark whiskey.

Almost a carbon copy of the aroma but with more spice across the palate and some OBE that didn’t really show in the nose. Dark fruit, spice, OBE, oak, dark sweets and a biscuity nature play against vanilla, char, nuts and an herbal quality.

Long oaky fade of dark fruit, dark sweets, spice, vanilla and OBE.

Great balanced, round full body and a heavy oily feel.

Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil oh how I love thee, let me count the ways. One, the dense dark fruit and oaken aroma that entices the nostrils and starts the mouth watering for what’s next. Two, the complex layers of oak, dark fruit, dark sweets and spice that create a rustic sweet character that dances across the palate. Three, the lingering sweet oak fade that lasts longer than it should, but still not long enough. Four, that perfect balance of everything and the warm oily feel that ties it all together.

Looks it’s four, four reasons I freaking love the Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil. This kickin’ chicken demolishes competitors in blind tastings almost every time it’s put into a running. For decades it was the embodiment of everything amazing about Wild Turkey and then the Russell’s 98 had to come in and take the crown.Though loosing its spot at the top that doesn’t diminish its amazingness at all when it looses it to something brilliant.

SCORE: 93/100 (A)

Wild Turkey Cheesy Gold Foil Label

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