Its that time of year again, time to get dressed up in a costume you haven’t worn in enough years for anyone to remember you were a bumblebee 3 years ago (we’re on to you Candice!) and get drunk with some friends. But this year unlike your costume, lets not recycle the same ol’ cocktails from yesteryear, putting red dye in a beer doesn't make it look like blood, it makes it gross. I present a spooky cocktails to pick up your cocktail game this Halloween, the Witches Brew!

About the Witches Brew Cocktail

A mix of apple cider, perfect for fall, tequila, perfect to keep you warm and a mixer of your choice to perfect the spooky color of your cocktail. Top it all off with some creepy smoke bubbling from the drink and you have one awesome creepy cocktail.


  • 2 ounces apple cider - Shoot for Alcoholic cider like Angry Orchard if you really want this brew to bite
  • 2 ounces tequila - I prefer Casamigos for it is smoother taste than Patron, for the same price
  • 1 ounce (depending on color desired)
    • Cranberry or Pomegranate juice for blood red you lil vampire you
    • Blue curacao for a deep bluish purple - great for your little prettiest
    • Green apple pucker for a green potion look, convincing enough to make people think that its love potion
  • For optimal effect - small chips of dried ice - keep them small and put them in before you mix the drink so your guest don’t burn their lips

How to make the Kickin Pumpkin

  1. In cocktail shaker combine; ice, tequila, apple cider, and desired “coloring agent”

  2. Place a few small chips of dry ice in glass and pour in cocktail shaker contents

  3. Serve to your guest with a ghoulish grin and sinister laugh, muuwwahahahaha